I started training with Harry in 2013 with the primary aim of slowing down the loss of muscle and strength that comes with ageing ( I recently celebrated my 60th birthday). I had never done this type of training before and Harry broke me in gently with programmes that focused not only on strength but also on mobility/flexibility, and always emphasising correct technique.
Over time Harry has progressively introduced more challenging exercises and I’ve been delighted with the results. Four years ago I had never heard the term “deadlift”, now I can comfortably deadlift more than twice my body weight. I am a keen golfer and with my increased flexibility I now have a much fuller swing. I also ski every winter and my stronger leg and core muscles enable me to ski more miles every day.
I greatly enjoy the variety that Harry includes in my programme. He also provides tremendous support and encouragement; it’s always a pleasure to have a training session with him. With hindsight, I wish I had started this type of training when I was much younger. However, with the dramatic improvements I have made, it proves that it’s never too late to start!
Brendan McWilliams

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