“Through Harry’s training, he has given me the best chance of making the Great Britain Ice Hockey Team” – Katie

“Harry helped me gain great success in my sport, I became a World Champion Powerlifter” – Cristian 

“I started working with Harry when I was 14 years old and very keen on rugby” – Sam

“Harry’s offseason programming has helped improve my strength, speed and fitness” – Ben

“Harry has motivated me to work hard every session, and I cannot believe how much stronger I am” – Diana

“Don’t just think of her as your physical trainer. Katie leaves no stone unturned in her desire to help you” – Niels

“Harry provides tremendous support and encouragement; its always a pleasure to have a training session with him” – Brendan

“Katie designs bespoke sessions for me varying the programme depending on my aims and motivating me along the way – I’m still learning and improving” – Sally 

“I cannot recommend Katie enough. Anyone that wants to either get fit, lose weight, get stronger or all of the above, she will help you achieve your goals” – Jackie

“I have several old injuries which I thought would prevent me from certain exercises but Katie proved me wrong time and time again” – Leila

“Katie always researched my sport to find the best ways to help me. I have seen a massive improvement in my figure skating” – Milly

“Katie is very good at giving me exercises that strengthen, but don’t cause any pain in my troublesome joints” – Caroline

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