“From the very first day I met Harry, over 5 years ago, I knew he was the one that was going to guide me, motivate me and help me achieve my goals. Not only did he help me achieve my performance goals, he has also had a huge influence on who I have become today.

I have had great success in my sport, I became a World Champion Powerlifter and I can honestly say that having Harry as my coach has been the main reason for this. He has helped me through every training session, whether it be for motivation, correcting technique or even getting that last rep, making me believe in myself. He is always striving for perfection when training me, to help me get the best possible results. Since being trained by Harry, I have come to realise that he genuinely wants you to improve, he loves seeing results in his athletes, no matter who he is training. He doesn’t just give you a program and give you advice every now and then, he makes sure that you are enjoying every minute of it, correcting any mistakes or errors, constantly giving you advice on how to improve.

Harry goes out of his way to make sure you get results and see improvements, which I find very rare in coaches these days. Because of this and many more qualities, I have a lot of respect for Harry and he has, ever since, been an inspiration to me. I look up to him as my coach and think to myself, if I become anything like Harry when I get a bit older, I will be able to follow in his footsteps, coach people the same way as he coached me and achieve great results with people.

Although he is my coach, I feel my relationship with Harry is more than just a typical coach-athlete relationship, when he trains me, he knows when to have a laugh and when to get serious with my lifting. No matter what happens outside of training, I can see when he trains me that he is 100% committed and focused on every session, he doesn’t let anything effect him as he wants his athletes to improve and achieve results. I cannot recommend him enough, you can’t find a better coach than Harry who is going to help you achieve your goals. Not only is he an outstanding coach, he is an inspiration to many young athletes, he is my inspiration and he is my best friend.”

Cristian Johnson
– 2012 T3 u82.5kg WDFPF World Powerlifting Champion

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