“I have watched Harry train numerous clients for the past 8 years whilst being in the gym, from young elite athletes and body builders to much older clients with injuries and disabilities. His warmth and enthusiasm along with a genuine desire to help clients achieve their individual goals makes him stand out in the fitness industry. He is an incredibly passionate, experienced, dedicated and knowledgeable Personal Trainer who leads by example, whether he is working with world champions, body builders, or clients who just want to be able to pick up their grandchildren and live a longer healthier life.

I first went to see Harry six years ago when I was 48 years young, and my lower back pain was so severe that I was struggling to walk around the block, and my knees were agony due to the worn cartilage from years of jumping and landing having played serious netball for 20+ years.

I had been mucking about in the gym for a year with no real motivation or goal, getting frustrated with my injuries and lack of achievement.  Watching Harry train an elderly lady, who was overweight and suffering from back pain, seeing her get stronger and fitter over over the few weeks I saw encouraged me to have a chat with him. I was inspired by his warmth and enthusiasm.

After a thorough consultation/assessment, he designed an exercise/fitness programme involving cardio vascular, specific back stretches for flexibility and strengthening exercises to get me mobile again. I have never looked back and still do the some of the stretches regularly if my back becomes stiff.

Harry has taught me the importance of setting exercise goals to continue to get stronger and fitter which in turn helps me stay motivated. I have been back to Harry several times to design a new programme for me to work on myself in the gym, which kept me focussed and helped me achieve my goals at the time.

Three years ago I was feeling motivated and mobile, and was encouraged to take up golf at Guildford Golf Club with a friend. I had several lessons and joined the club, but was struggling to walk the hilly course over 18 holes and injured my neck pulling my trolley up the hills and had to stop for 3 months for the muscles to relax. The golf pro said ‘you are not fit for golf, you need to work on strengthening the muscles required for golf’.  I knew Harry could help

Over the past four months I have been on a Personal Training programme with Harry every week, working on ‘Strength and fitness’ focussing on specific goals to compliment my golf. He has helped me enormously to get stronger, and become more flexible which has made such a difference to my ‘swing’.  Harry has motivated me to work hard every session, and I cannot believe how much stronger I am.  The proof for me is on the golf course as my game has improved so much, and, most importantly for me is that I remain ‘injury free’ and that is thanks to Harry’s precision with his instruction and his expertise.

Thank you Harry”

– Diana Rang

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